Evil, bombs and the loss of innocence

Last night, 5/22/17, a bomb was detonated at an Ariana Grande concert, killing and wounding many. The islamic state has claimed responsibility for the attack. For killing children. And I refuse to capitalize their name. It sickens me to even type it.

An 8 year old girl and teenagers are among the known dead at this time.
The average Ariana Grande fan is young and female, something that the islamic state decries as insignificant, subhuman and something to be used up and tossed away. Every day, women and girls are subjected to barbaric torture and rape by these so called warriors, and the brutality is escalating.

As I look at the pictures of last night’s terror attack in Manchester, the images of young and terrified girls, dressed in their concert clothes, clutching tokens of their enthusiasm for Ariana Grande, I feel a burning sense of righteous anger well up inside of me, boiling up, over and out of me. Young human beings who, from this day forward, will be changed forever, because lunatics have chosen them as “soft targets” for their warped version of religion.
Evil is never satisfied and works to kill, steal and destroy all that is light, all that is good, all that is pure.

We can sit around and expound upon how this came to pass, who should have stopped it, play politics, discuss how tragic the situation is and post horror stories
We can actually choose to be actively involved in changing the world.

I choose the latter.

I have long been an advocate and supporter of 2 charities who have made a difference both in the main regions where the islamic state operates and in the growing crisis of women and girls used as sex slaves and tossed out like trash. I am upping my involvement. I am upping my contributions.
Whatever your political leanings are, the crisis in the world today is a humanitarian one, and aligning with those I don’t necessarily agree with politically if they have proven to get the job done is something I will do.
I refuse to sit around in a daze and expound upon theories.
I’ve had enough.
Evil is defeated and although it looks to be having its one last hoorah on this Earth, it doesn’t negate the fact that it’s already lost the war.
Many will ask, “Where was God?”
God answers, “I’m here. And I made you.”

I’m choosing to be a difference by helping those who make a difference.