The buildings are empty, but the Church is alive- Happy Easter 2020!

The Coronavirus (Covid 19) 2020 pandemic has shuttered the church buildings, but the body of believers is alive and well.
The church doesn’t consist of  statues or buildings. The true Church of Christ is the body of believers; believers that Jesus is the Christ, the only Son of God, who was crucified, died, and rose in victory over death, hell and the grave on the 3rd day.  Believers who have made Jesus the Lord of their lives, who have accepted Him as the payment, the peace offering once and for all time, between God and man’s sin.
The war is over.
The victory His.
And because of His victory, the believers who put their faith in His Blood have also obtained victory.
Victory over sin. Victory over spiritual death. Victory over hell, and all that comes out of it.
Including Covid 19 (and all other viruses and sickness/disease).
We cast our cares on Him for He cares for us. (1 Peter 5:7)
We declare that “No weapon that is formed against us will prosper” (Isaiah  54:17) and that “the Lord is our refuge and our fortress “,”1000 will fall at our sides, 10,000 at our right hands, but it shall not come near us” , that we will “not fear the terror of the night, nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that stalks in darkness”, (Psalm 91)
You see, God’s Word is His promise to us, made manifest by what Jesus did on that cross thousands of years ago. We, as believers, have a RIGHT to healing, deliverance, prosperity, salvation. We have a RIGHT, by faith, to take hold of these things in our lives.
Find it in the Word, stand on the Promise and keep your faith out there until you see it manifest in your life.
Today, we celebrate the victory Jesus died to give us.
The buildings may be shuttered, but a believer’s faith is not.
WE, the believers, are the Church, the “Rock” upon which it stands, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against His Church. (Matthew 16:17)
Happy Easter 2020!



Biblical principles in modern times

I was shopping for a supplement. A calcium supplement to be exact. I was reading some information on this company’s website and was struck by how, yet again, biblical principles are relevant in modern times, despite many secular opponents of the Bible claiming otherwise.
The site stated the following:

Your food is not providing you enough vitamins and minerals!causes of osteoporosis - not enough fresh, natural foods

50 years ago, vegetables were farmed as they had been for centuries, in mineral rich soil. The ground was purposely left fallow for long periods to allow minerals to replenish and fertilizers were not needed because the ground provided the nutrients to the plants.

The Bible speaks of leaving the ground fallow (letting it remain untended) every seventh year, so that the land can naturally replenish itself, and also so that the poor and wildlife can eat what is left in the field.  (“…but the seventh year you shall let it rest and lie fallow, that the poor of your people may eat; and what they leave the beasts of the field may eat. You shall do likewise with your vineyard, and with your olive orchard.” Exodus 23:11 ESV)

Modern day commercial farming uses principles of man, of agriculture, of man made science. In commercial farming, crops are rotated every few years, presumably so that the land can replenish itself, yet, planting another crop on it doesn’t replenish it, hence, the need for man made fertilizers. The result of this exhaustive farming practice has resulted in mineral deficient foods. Mineral deficient plants are then fed to livestock, which are slaughtered for food sources, but the quality of meats are also lacking in minerals and vitamins. When you think about it, terms like “Grass Fed” and “Organic” mean nothing, if the farming practices follow anything close to the commercial farming principle of constantly farming out the soil.

Opponents of the Bible would like the world to believe that we have evolved past the sandals wearing fire and brimstone prophets portrayed in this dusty old, outdated book. That in these post modern times, we no longer need the once sage advice of these
“old timey” preachers because we now have computers and knowledge that they didn’t have.
And yet, there it was. Plain as day on a site that had no intention of relating its content to biblical principles. Letting the ground replenish itself naturally.
Huh. Go figure. You mean, THAT’S in the Bible?|
Yes. Yes it is. Along with many other tidbits of modern wisdom.

Evil, bombs and the loss of innocence

Last night, 5/22/17, a bomb was detonated at an Ariana Grande concert, killing and wounding many. The islamic state has claimed responsibility for the attack. For killing children. And I refuse to capitalize their name. It sickens me to even type it.

An 8 year old girl and teenagers are among the known dead at this time.
The average Ariana Grande fan is young and female, something that the islamic state decries as insignificant, subhuman and something to be used up and tossed away. Every day, women and girls are subjected to barbaric torture and rape by these so called warriors, and the brutality is escalating.

As I look at the pictures of last night’s terror attack in Manchester, the images of young and terrified girls, dressed in their concert clothes, clutching tokens of their enthusiasm for Ariana Grande, I feel a burning sense of righteous anger well up inside of me, boiling up, over and out of me. Young human beings who, from this day forward, will be changed forever, because lunatics have chosen them as “soft targets” for their warped version of religion.
Evil is never satisfied and works to kill, steal and destroy all that is light, all that is good, all that is pure.

We can sit around and expound upon how this came to pass, who should have stopped it, play politics, discuss how tragic the situation is and post horror stories
We can actually choose to be actively involved in changing the world.

I choose the latter.

I have long been an advocate and supporter of 2 charities who have made a difference both in the main regions where the islamic state operates and in the growing crisis of women and girls used as sex slaves and tossed out like trash. I am upping my involvement. I am upping my contributions.
Whatever your political leanings are, the crisis in the world today is a humanitarian one, and aligning with those I don’t necessarily agree with politically if they have proven to get the job done is something I will do.
I refuse to sit around in a daze and expound upon theories.
I’ve had enough.
Evil is defeated and although it looks to be having its one last hoorah on this Earth, it doesn’t negate the fact that it’s already lost the war.
Many will ask, “Where was God?”
God answers, “I’m here. And I made you.”

I’m choosing to be a difference by helping those who make a difference.