Imagine that you’ve come across the very best restaurant on the planet.  Everything about the place is perfect, the atmosphere, the food, the location, the parking…absolutely everything. But the most perfect part of this restaurant is that you can eat all you want, and your entire meal was already paid for by someone else. You didn’t earn the meal, you don’t have to do dishes afterwards. You just have to receive the free gift.

If there were such a place on Earth, wouldn’t word get out fast? Wouldn’t every person that went there want to tell everyone they knew about it and bring them there too?
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is like this perfect restaurant, perfect food for the spirit.
It’s a gift. The gift of Grace, a love letter from God to us.
It’s undeserved, unmerited favor , extended to every single person on Earth.

Grace is a person and His name is Jesus, the Christ, the Savior of this fallen world.
Believe Him, believe His Word.
Receive Him into your heart.
Renew your mind with His Word.
Change your life.
Live free.

Read on. And live a life infused with God’s love for you:
Grace through Jesus Christ.