The world may promise but only Jesus delivers


I sat at my kitchen table this morning, eating breakfast as usual, checking the weather on my phone. The app said 10% chance of snow.
The weather at my house apparently didn’t get the memo, as I sat watching fat flakes tumble to the ground.
How many times does the world get it wrong?

Did I mention that I really like snow and that warm weather had melted all that had previously fallen? That our area’s 7 day forecast is more warm weather to come? Or that it was technically too warm to snow this morning? Did I also mention that I am usually not up at that hour, that circumstances arose to get me out of bed earlier than normal?

The Holy Spirit whispered to me: “All things are possible to those that believe”.


Biblical principles in modern times

I was shopping for a supplement. A calcium supplement to be exact. I was reading some information on this company’s website and was struck by how, yet again, biblical principles are relevant in modern times, despite many secular opponents of the Bible claiming otherwise.
The site stated the following:

Your food is not providing you enough vitamins and minerals!causes of osteoporosis - not enough fresh, natural foods

50 years ago, vegetables were farmed as they had been for centuries, in mineral rich soil. The ground was purposely left fallow for long periods to allow minerals to replenish and fertilizers were not needed because the ground provided the nutrients to the plants.

The Bible speaks of leaving the ground fallow (letting it remain untended) every seventh year, so that the land can naturally replenish itself, and also so that the poor and wildlife can eat what is left in the field.  (“…but the seventh year you shall let it rest and lie fallow, that the poor of your people may eat; and what they leave the beasts of the field may eat. You shall do likewise with your vineyard, and with your olive orchard.” Exodus 23:11 ESV)

Modern day commercial farming uses principles of man, of agriculture, of man made science. In commercial farming, crops are rotated every few years, presumably so that the land can replenish itself, yet, planting another crop on it doesn’t replenish it, hence, the need for man made fertilizers. The result of this exhaustive farming practice has resulted in mineral deficient foods. Mineral deficient plants are then fed to livestock, which are slaughtered for food sources, but the quality of meats are also lacking in minerals and vitamins. When you think about it, terms like “Grass Fed” and “Organic” mean nothing, if the farming practices follow anything close to the commercial farming principle of constantly farming out the soil.

Opponents of the Bible would like the world to believe that we have evolved past the sandals wearing fire and brimstone prophets portrayed in this dusty old, outdated book. That in these post modern times, we no longer need the once sage advice of these
“old timey” preachers because we now have computers and knowledge that they didn’t have.
And yet, there it was. Plain as day on a site that had no intention of relating its content to biblical principles. Letting the ground replenish itself naturally.
Huh. Go figure. You mean, THAT’S in the Bible?|
Yes. Yes it is. Along with many other tidbits of modern wisdom.

Evil, bombs and the loss of innocence

Last night, 5/22/17, a bomb was detonated at an Ariana Grande concert, killing and wounding many. The islamic state has claimed responsibility for the attack. For killing children. And I refuse to capitalize their name. It sickens me to even type it.

An 8 year old girl and teenagers are among the known dead at this time.
The average Ariana Grande fan is young and female, something that the islamic state decries as insignificant, subhuman and something to be used up and tossed away. Every day, women and girls are subjected to barbaric torture and rape by these so called warriors, and the brutality is escalating.

As I look at the pictures of last night’s terror attack in Manchester, the images of young and terrified girls, dressed in their concert clothes, clutching tokens of their enthusiasm for Ariana Grande, I feel a burning sense of righteous anger well up inside of me, boiling up, over and out of me. Young human beings who, from this day forward, will be changed forever, because lunatics have chosen them as “soft targets” for their warped version of religion.
Evil is never satisfied and works to kill, steal and destroy all that is light, all that is good, all that is pure.

We can sit around and expound upon how this came to pass, who should have stopped it, play politics, discuss how tragic the situation is and post horror stories
We can actually choose to be actively involved in changing the world.

I choose the latter.

I have long been an advocate and supporter of 2 charities who have made a difference both in the main regions where the islamic state operates and in the growing crisis of women and girls used as sex slaves and tossed out like trash. I am upping my involvement. I am upping my contributions.
Whatever your political leanings are, the crisis in the world today is a humanitarian one, and aligning with those I don’t necessarily agree with politically if they have proven to get the job done is something I will do.
I refuse to sit around in a daze and expound upon theories.
I’ve had enough.
Evil is defeated and although it looks to be having its one last hoorah on this Earth, it doesn’t negate the fact that it’s already lost the war.
Many will ask, “Where was God?”
God answers, “I’m here. And I made you.”

I’m choosing to be a difference by helping those who make a difference.





I was once asked: “Should a woman have the right to choose abortion?”

The answer to this question is linked to the way the question is asked. Women have the right to choose many things. In fact, humans are creatures of free will (God created us in His image, complete with free will) and have the choice to do everything outside of the basic needs; breathe, eat, hydrate, eliminate, sleep and find shelter. Everything else, from deciding to dye one’s hair to committing murder, is a choice.

Abortion rights’ questions have been phrased, para-phrased and rewritten so many times that the answer to the question asked depends solely on how the question is asked. “Should a woman have the right to choose abortion?” Yes to this question. We were created with free will, and with that, the right to make informed decisions, as well as, the right to make foolish ones. I’m not speaking to the morality or the legality of the question, only to the right to make a decision, and not to the consequences of the decision. From a Biblical standpoint, God is not in favor of death and His choice is clear:
“I place before you life and death, blessing and curse. Choose life, so that you and your children may live” —Deuteronomy 30:19 (MSG)
“Behold, children are a heritage (gift) from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.” – Psalms 127:3
“Thou shalt not kill”- Exodus 20:13

The larger issues, the legality and morality of abortion, are linked, but separate issues from the actual right to choose. Choice is free will, the legal and moral issues deal with consequences of choice and are another discussion.

A woman has a right to choose anything at all. Women have free will. Women make decisions everyday that are both legal or illegal. Women choose to stop at the traffic light or run through it, talk on the cell phone while driving or obey the law that states not to, kill an abusive husband or let the law handle the punishment.. and on and on. So to the above question, yes. Free will affords women the right to make decisions, to choose.

Roe v Wade, the case largely responsible for the discussion of abortion in the first place, made the act of consciously ending the life cycle of the cells that would eventually result in the creation of a human being, legal. 

If the question is re-phrased to “Does a woman have the right to consciously kill her baby?” No. Killing humans outside of the womb is not legal, and since the question doesn’t state or imply “in the womb”, then the answer would be no. Many pro choice proponents will disagree with this and yet, exhaust themselves with the particulars of the wording. Many will instantly take offense to the word “kill”.
Kill simply means to cause the death of an organism (note: no specific reference to human or otherwise), or in computer terms, to terminate the program. Abortion advocates are careful to use terminology that doesn’t infer human death, like “terminate the pregnancy” or “termination of the embryo, tissue or fetus” or “product of conception”.
People casually throw the word “kill” around until it lands in an abortion discussion. You can “kill it” in a performance .  “You’re killing me” , a common saying, implies having to work harder at something, based on another’s words or actions. Everyday use of the word “kill” only takes on a sullen and somber meaning, followed by offense, when it’s introduced into a conversation involving abortion. People suddenly argue the meaning and find themselves engaged in word gymnastics, deciphering whether the tissue is a fetus, a zygote, a human or a child and whether “killing” this tissue is akin to murder.

Here are the facts. Human DNA and cells produce a human. Not a peach tree. Not a donkey. Not a dog. Human cells become a human being. Technically, life begins at conception, because without life, these cells would not continue to survive and grow. True, the cells are dependent on the mother’s body to continue to live but they are living. Dead cells cannot live from the mother’s body and continue to grow. 

As for the argument of when these cells become a human being, when and if there is a soul, etc.. it doesn’t matter. Again, human DNA does not grow into anything other than a human.

When a woman chooses to go to a doctor and consciously end the life cycle of human DNA and cells, she and the doctor, are killing human life. If people need to re-phrase this to make the decision less offensive, then the real question is “Why do you need to feel less offended?”

Why do bad things happen to good people?

A common question with a simple answer: because we live in a fallen world. We were never meant to live here or to deal with the evil that rules this place.

I believe the overall assumption of most people is that we basically live in a good world that has some bad things in it. Bad things happen, for some unknown reason, to good people.
Or worse yet, there are those that believe God allowed something bad to happen to teach them a lesson.
Both assumptions, according to the Bible, are wrong.

The Book of Genesis tells us that God created heaven and earth, crafting them, forming them. He divided night and day, added water , land and creatures.
After he prepared this place, he created a being: a man. The Bible says He created this man in HIS own image (Genesis 1:26), a spirit being, clothed in the full glory of God and given “dominion over the all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.” In verse 27, it states that He created male and female in His image. And in verse 28 “He blessed them.”
When God created humans, both male and female, we were created in His image, as spiritual beings, clothed in His glory and wanting for nothing. He supplied everything that we would ever need in this world. He was our source, our supply house, and we would never want for anything.
The only thing he told Adam to obey, was to avoid eating the fruit of the tree in the midst of the garden, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They could even eat the fruit of the tree of life, but not the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Adam and Eve both ate of it (the original sin had less to do with eating this fruit than about blaming God for it). Adam blamed God for giving him Eve, who gave him the fruit. (Genesis 3:12) Many people today still blame women for the original sin, but Scripture states that Adam was with her. (Genesis 3:6) He was right there too, and God told him, not Eve, not to eat the fruit. Eve received the information 2nd hand, from Adam.
When the serpent (satan) questioned Eve about eating from the tree, Eve replied, “God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die”. (Genesis 3:3)
The thing is, God never said anything about not touching the fruit. He told Adam, “Don’t eat it.” Eve added “touching” to it, because she got the information 2nd hand.
That was satan’s “in” with her. He knew that if he could convince her to touch it, and it didn’t kill her, he could likely get her to eat it.
Well, it worked, as we know.

As a result of Adam’s disobedience to God’s Word, Adam and Eve were stripped of their spiritual glory and placed in a fallen world. A cursed world.
This world.
Instead of having everything provided for them, humans were now “on the outs” with God. They had to toil on their own. Humans were not the only ones affected by this, the whole world fell. All the animals, all the plants…everything was now cursed.

But God’s love for mankind was evident even then. In Genesis 3:22, God hid the tree of life from them, for if they ate of that, they would have been cursed and lived forever. Not good.

God set into motion that day, a plan to redeem us back to Him, back to His blessings and to His Glory through Jesus. It was an act of mercy. An act of Grace.

This is a fallen world, with an enemy that hates us. While we are here, satan has access to us. His job is to try every single day to destroy us through manipulation and lies. He will try at every chance to influence our decisions, to maneuver us to a place where he has better access into our lives.
Some people don’t believe in satan. Or his legions. The only I can say about that is: it doesn’t matter if you believe it or not. It neither negates satan’s existence, nor protects you from him. In fact, it likely opens you up to allowing him access into your life. He needs permission to operate, and by doing nothing at all, the default is him. That’s his permission. This is the world in which he operates, has authority to operate, and unless you choose God, the default is satan. Not the other way around. This is not a good world with a little bad, this is a fallen world that satan is allowed to operate in, and the only good things in your life here come from God. Sorry, but that’s the truth. You have an enemy, whether you “believe” in him or not. (1 Peter 5:8-9) and unless you choose God, you are part of this world by default and your father is satan. (John 8:44)

So, why do bad things happen to good people? Because we live in a fallen world and satan has access to anyone here. Becoming born again and allowing God to transform your life through the renewing of your mind with His Word will mitigate satan’s control of your life, but I’m not going to lie. As long as we occupy space in this world, we will have to battle satan, but he is a defeated foe. His only power left after Jesus stripped him is to influence your mind. He has to convince you to allow him access by manipulating your thoughts. He will use people, emotions, situations, circumstances…anything to get you to believe that God cannot help or that God “did this to you”. God isn’t in the business of punishing people. He sent His only Son to take the punishment that we deserved. He’s not even in a bad mood where we’re concerned, but we have to BELIEVE this. And choose Him.

Additionally, through ignorance, people inadvertently allow satan access. By not knowing the Word of God, you are at a greater disadvantage to being influenced by the forces of darkness. Someone that’s deemed “good” can just as easily be caught up in worldly affairs as someone deemed “bad”. The world and its views are inherently antagonistic, by nature, to God and His Word. Most of what passes as “good” today, finds itself lacking within the pages of the Bible. People want to “go along to get along” and not seem old fashioned by adhering to some dusty old manual, but this will come at a cost. And sometimes, a very grave and great cost. You see, satan also knows God’s Word. And he is a master at twisting it. The way to defeat him, is to know the Word, know what God said, so that when darkness shows up, you can use the Word to make it go away. (James 4:7) It will, no doubt, come back at a later date, but that will just give you more time to bone up on God’s Word, so that you have more ammo. I won’t guarantee a life free from bad things happening, but I can guarantee that a bad day with God, is better than a good day without Him.